Upper Delaware
Fishing the Upper Delaware River......

The Upper Delaware is considered one of the best wild trout rivers in our country.  There are over 75 miles of trout fishing on
the Upper Delaware River system.  The tailwater fishery is comprised of the East branch, West branch and Main stem of the
Delaware.  Each section differs in character, flow and when they are best fished.

The river and its branches contain a significant of rainbow trout and a healthy
population of brown trout.  The Main Stem has a larger ratio of rainbow trout to
brown trout. The reverse is true for its branches.  
Fish of 15 to 18 inches are commonly taken with flies.  Fish of 20 inches or
larger are often caught during favorable conditions.

Hatches on the Upper Delaware River can be prolific at times.  The Main stem
and East branch are best fished in spring and fall when hatching activity is at its
best.  The West branch and upper East branch can be fished through the entire
season due to the cold water releases from Cannonsville and Pepacton reservoirs.  
WAT can can accommodate
guide and float services for both branches and the Main
stem of the river.  We also provide overnight
accommodations on the East branch
and mainstem of the river.

Delaware Flow Reports
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Hand-tied Delaware Flies

East Branch Outfitters

Friends of the Upper Delaware River
The Upper Delaware is home to World Angling Travels, located on the "Wild & Scenic"
Upper Delaware River near Equinunk, PA.  
Whether you choose to wade or float you can't go
wrong fishing the Upper Delaware!
Garth Hallberg....Wac-A-Buc, NY
Guide Ben Rinker with a hefty brown
Upper Delaware rainbow
 Peter Grimbilas....Wayne, NJ