Kola Peninsula
About the Kola Peninsula.....
The peninsula is located above the 64th parallel and borders both Norway and Finland.  It is surrounded by two seas;
The Barents to the north and the White Sea to the east and south.  

The scenery varies from one part of the peninsula to the other.  The north coast is a rugged tundra wilderness with
poor vegetation and many natural lakes.  There are no inland roads that travel from the capital Murmansk to the north
and east coast salmon until they empty into the Barents sea.  Wading and even walking along the rivers can be
difficult.  Helicopters are needed to provide access to many of its pools.  The rewards are great and many of the
swiftest of rivers produce two and three salt fish.

The climate in the north can be harsh for most of the year
and the window of opportunity to fish is shorter than on its
southern coast.  The northern rivers are best fished in
June to August.  The southern coast region is vastly
different than that of the north.  For the most part the salmon
rivers are more gentle and flow through lush pine forest
until they reach the White Sea.  Many of these river hold
more salmon than the rivers in the northern coast and offer
a longer fishing season that extends through September.

Lee Hartman was one of the first to fish the Kola salmon rivers.  His
exploratory fishing expeditions in 1991 and 1992 paved the way
for Western anglers to come to the Kola.  Since that time Lee has taken numerous American anglers to kola rivers
during the past 23 years to fish for Atlantic salmon.

Varzina - June 26 - July 6, 2014

World Angling Travels hosted 6 anglers to this great river
in June, 2013.  All had a most pleasant experience at the
Varzina camp. The food, hospitality, comfortable lodging
and most of all cooperative bright salmon made for a
splendid week of fishing.  

We will be returning to the Varzina next season.  Six rods
max.  Reservations must be sent in ASAP to secure your

Trip cost 4550.00 Euro.  Includes food, lodging and guide.




"The Kola is in a remote corner of the world.  Getting there was half the fun, but landing my
  first Atlantic salmon was even better.  There is no doubt in my mind that I will return.
Robin Reynolds, Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania
Lee with a nice Kharlovka River salmon
I have fished all over the world and vow that the
Varzina trip is in my top three fishing destinations
during my lifetime....
Bob Bachman, Denver, PA
Kola rivers are something special!  A trip I'll never
forget.  Thanks for making it all happen.....
Bryczynski NY, NY
Fred Moy, Valhalla, NY......Varzina River