Upper Delaware River
Fly Fishing School
This informative and delightful school, staffed by expert instructors,
will give you one on one instruction that introduces you to a lifetime of
fishing enjoyment.

A word from Lee...
Fly fishing for me began at an early age.  I was 12 years old when my brother
took me under his guidance and gave me my first casting lesson with a fly rod.  
Although my equipment was less than adequate, consisting of a metal
telescopic rod and self-winding Pflueger reel, his instruction was good enough
for me to effectively cast a fly.  It wasn't long before I caught my first fish on a
fly rod. It was an 11" brook trout caught on a yellow sally wet fly on a nearby

This inaugural lesson in fly fishing happened over 40 years ago.  Today we
teach fly fishing much of the same way that I had learned when I was a youth.  
Our instructors become personally involved with your learning experience by
limiting our class size to no more than 2 per instructor.  Each lesson is
performed in an informal atmosphere with competent, qualified instruction.   
Entomology classes and progressive casting instructions are performed on the
Delaware River.


Lee Hartman -
Lee began teaching fly fishing in 1989 for the Colorado
School of Fly Fishing on the South Platte River in Colorado.  Three years
later he opened Indian Springs Fly Fishing Camp and soon established the
Upper Delaware School of Fly Fishing.   Lee's fly fishing experience extends
beyond that of an instructor.  He has fished on the Upper Delaware River
since 1973 and has guided anglers on the Upper Delaware system since
1985.  This experience along with his highly acclaimed international fly fishing
adventures gives him the ability to teach fly fishing at all skill levels.

Don Baylor - Don is from Stroudsburg, Pa where he has taught English in the
local school district.   A noted entomologist, he  has written the booklet
"Pocono Hatches".  He also is a consultant in his own Aquatic Resource
business, a company that monitors, maintains and restores cold water habitat.
His 35 years of fly fishing and research throughout the U.S.and Alaska, make
him a valuable asset for all of our teaching programs.

FIRST DAY: Class will begin promptly at 9:00am.  This day is devoted to the basic needs of fly fishing
and fly casting.  You will learn how to choose the right equipment; learn knots and leader design; how
to identify the natural food source of trout and how they are imitated; but mostly casting your fly rod.

2ND DAY: The second day will be spent fly casting on the river and pond.  We will collect and identify
macro-invertebrate samples; cover fishing techniques; fly selection; proper presentation of the fly;
wading and reading "holding" water.

3RD DAY:  Those who choose an additional day of instruction will learn advanced casting techniques
that will be part of an eight hour instructional float trip on the river.  It also includes dry fly and nymph
fishing techniques; entomology and presentation; playing and releasing fish properly.  All classes will
end at 5:00pm.

One Day Course - $175.00 (Includes lunch & on the river instruction)

Two Day Course - $490.00* (breakfast, lodging, lunch & river fishing included in price)

Three Day Course - $790.00* (breakfast, lodging, lunch & river fishing included in price)

*add $100.00/day and share the total cost with friend or relative